Hailey Dunn Disappearance

[HaileyDunn.org] UPDATED: Friday, Nov. 11, 2011

Update: In a recent broadcast of The ECO Show, information came out that alleged a missing girl from the Colorado City area was found in the home of Thomas and Mary Alexander, who had other runaway children staying with them. The entire story — and broadcast link — can be found here:

Radio Broadcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elliscountyradio/2011/11/10/west-texas-wednesday-hailey-dunn-parker-countyHarboring of Runaways? http://elliscountyobserver.com/OdOb/?p=1301

Post-Aug. 27 Prayer Vigil Press Conference
Direct Link: www.EllisCounty.tv

Law Enforcement: ‘Hailey Dunn Was Strangled to Death’

Law Enforcement: We Told Father Hailey Dunn Was Dead to ‘Get A Reaction Out of Him’

Stacie Campbell | Law Enforcement & Hailey Dunn

Peter Hyatt’s Statement Analysis Picks Apart Aug. 27 Press Conference

Law Enforcement: No Child Pornography Found in Billie Dunn’s House

Hundreds of Hailey Dunn Fliers Disappear

Part 1: Photo of ‘Skull’ a Fake

Part 2: Legal Threats Over ‘Skull’ Photo

Photos: Aug. 27 Prayer Vigil & Balloon Release

Photo Collage: Aug. 27 Prayer Vigil & Balloon Release

Billie Dunn “Bring Them Home” Radio Transcript Analysis

Eric Grimes Sets the Record Straight

Public Information Act Request: Evidentiary Search Warrant

The ‘Purple Door’ Theory

 Updates & Discussion: Roll Call for Hailey Dunn on Facebook

Policy: Due to the similarities in stories, I will exhaust every avenue, every lead and turn over every rock that I come across, or that others come across. The ultimate goal is to find out what happened to Hailey, but my role in this is to find out what people know, who they know, etc. No sacred cows in this process. Don’t care who it is, who they’re related to, what status they serve in the community, the truth is the truth, and we will seek it.

HaileyDunn.org is a domain name pointed to a Web page on The Ellis County Observer that seeks to centralize information, articles and other pertinent information regarding a child pornography ring in West Texas, a child-trafficking network and other elements that may contribute to the cause and stifling of an/the investigation into Hailey’s disappearance. As this is a project of The Ellis County Observer and Freedom of the Press Group, there are tools and features on The ECO that may offend some people.

Hailey Dunn
Missing Since: Dec. 27, 2010

Amber Hagerman was 9-years-old when she was abducted on Jan. 13, 1996. Her still-unsolved* mystery is where we get the nationwide “Amber Alert” system. I knew for the past eight years that I was supposed to bust open, expose and break a “big” child pornography ring. I told people this out loud over a span of eight years. It finally came to fruition on Feb. 8 (my 30th birthday) at the Courtyard Apartments on North Clay Street in Ennis, Texas. It wasn’t just a child porn ring, but a network, a syndicate, a from-the-biblical-Molech type of operation that has reached global cities, countries and U.S. states (specifically Prescott Valley, Arizona), and it has pushed out into the open — I believe — the suspect who abducted and murdered little Amber. My proof? http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/amber-hagerman/ (hence why I put an asterisk near “unsolved.”)

Hailey Dunn, 13, was abducted in December 2010 from Colorado City, Texas, near Abilene, and some eerie links between the child pornography bust from Ellis County on Feb. 8 has produced evidence that the players here lived near Colorado City at one time. Source: http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/2011/07/15/child-pornography-ring-updates-more-bill-n-fry-links-to-west-texas/. Notice that the home in Mabank (Henderson County) that some of the child-abuse occurred in/at was owned by Randy Anderson, who also lived in Abilene at one time. Coincidence? Read below…

Several people who have independently hunted this case have supplied The Ellis County Observer and our sister site, The Odessa Observer, with leads and other information. We present this material as an alternative to what may not be printed or published, for whatever reason, in other media outlets.

Bookmark These Links:
The Ellis County Observer | EllisCountyO.com
The Odessa Observer | TheOdessaO.com

Law Enforcement Database: (Colorado City PD/Snyder PD/Big Spring PD/Etc)

The Ellis County Observer/The Odessa Observer Archives of the Hailey Dunn Disappearance:
The Ellis County Observer Radio Show Hailey Dunn Episode(s):
Part 1: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elliscountyradio/2011/08/17/the-eco-show-parker-county-politics
Part 2: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elliscountyradio/2011/08/19/the-eco-show-hailey-dunn-disappearance-2-hour-special

The ECO Show Chat Log (Aug 17)

Excerpt from an independent blog:

Fascination with violence
Investigators found a box of hundreds of pages printed off the internet about brutal crimes in the bedroom of Adkins and Billie Dunn.  The stories were about mass murders, serial killers, sexual sadism, and murders of family members.  Billie said she had printed them at work and brought them home for Adkins.  The topics were a hobby, she said.

A family member told investigators he was speaking to Adkins and said he couldn’t believe anyone would hurt a little girl, and Adkins replied, “Yeah, it’s like killing a deer.”

Witnesses said Adkins often talked about killing deer and cutting them up with chainsaws, and that he was obsessed with horror and slasher movies and watches them daily.
Direct Link: http://www.cayleedaily.com/2011/01/details-point-to-hailey-dunns-mother-boyfriend-in-disappearance/

Links of Interest:

Colorado City on Topix: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/colorado-city-tx

Sex offenders seen crawlin’ around Hailey Dunn’s bedroom the night before she disappeared: http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/?p=28697

Billie Dunn’s lawyer: http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/2011/07/18/hailey-dunn-disappearance-billie-dunns-lawyer-john-stacy-young/

Strange similarities to the Amber Hagerman/Ellis County global child pornography ring: http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/2011/07/15/child-pornography-ring-updates-more-bill-n-fry-links-to-west-texas/

Ellis County’s most corrupt judge (and former DA) Joe F. Grubbs is originally from Colorado City, according to the book Born Bad, a true-story murder case that pitted Ennis resident Jason Massey and his Satanic-fueled writings and desires with the mutilation and murder of a 13-year-old girl: http://www.elliscountyobserver.com/2011/08/07/hailey-dunn-update-colorado-city-texas-gets-new-police-chief-again/

This entirely thorough timeline, almost in a movie script format, was supplied to The Ellis County Observer team and we present it because it is a centralized location for virtually every single detail. For general information purposes, this is by far the most thorough we’ve seen:

Here’s a “Who’s Who List” (incomplete) of people surrounding the investigation…

CLINT DUNN…Hailey’s dad


SHAWN ADKINS…Billie’s boyfriend and the only named person of interest
per law enforcement.

DAVID DUNN…Hailey’s brother

NAOMI STEWART..Clint’s girlfriend

CHLOE DUNN…Naomi’s daughter


CONNIE JONES…Clint’s mom




Charles Clay (Endgate) Adkins – Shawn’s dad

COREY NORWOOD…Shawn’s cousin

RENEE NORWOOD…Shawn’s grandma

PETE KAMPFER…CC city manager

MARYBETH GARCIA…Haileys friend (Minor)

CECELIA GARCIA…Marybeth’s mom

DEL OSTRANDER…Billie’s brother

ROGER OSTRANDER…Billie’s brother

MATT TAGGART…Shawn’s uncle

THERESA GADDIS…Hailey’s aunt

TYLER ADKINS…Shawn’s brother

BRIAN GLASCO…Clint’s 1/2 brother

MARY COOPER (Mary Lajohnna Glassey)…Clint’s sister
(Someone offered today to get her on the show.)

RICHIE COOPER…Clint’s brother in law

JONI LACEFIELD…Hailey’s teacher


JOHN YOUNG…Billie’s lawyer

C. Barrett Thomas…Shawn’s lawyer

PATRICK TOOMBS…Mitchell County sheriff


JEAN BURROUGHS…Hairdresser who allegedly saw Hailey on 12/27

JOHN BIVENS…CC Poice Chief (Interim)

Roy “Tinker” Owens…CC Police Chief (Current)

Traven Berrie…CC Police Sergeant

Kelsey Alexander…CC Police Investigator

CJ White…CC Police Patrol

Nick Holbrook…CC Police Patrol

Sparky Dean…Senior DPS Trooper

Daniel Cottner – FBI Agent in Charge

Billy Sides – Investigator – Mitchell County DA’s Office

IMPORTANT: Here is a LINK to over 900 pictures, videos, documents and all of the affidavits used to obtain search warrants.


Next, this is a fairly accurate timeline to refer to…


Sunday, Dec. 26
Hailey spent the night with her dad, Clint Dunn, on Christmas, so the morning of Dec. 26 was the last time he saw her
David Dunn, Hailey’s brother, says Hailey is playing a video game at home at 9 p.m.   Based on her skill level, he believes she’ll be playing until midnight.

Monday, Dec. 27
Hailey’s mother, Billie Dunn, says live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins is fired from his job after some sort of blow-up
Affidavits show Adkins arrived to work in Snyder at 6 a.m. and left without saying anything at 6:10 a.m.
Adkins tells authorities he went straight to his mother’s home in Big Spring.  However, cell phone records show Adkins phone was used at 6:35 a.m. and 6:56 a.m. in Colorado City.
Nearly a dozen call were made from Adkins’ phone in the Big Spring area from 9:38 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
A neighbor reportedly sees Hailey talking on the phone in her backyard around noon.
Adkins tells authorities comes home at 3 p.m.
Hailey tells him at 3:15 p.m. that she is going to her dad’s, then to Mary Beth’s for a sleepover, but neither Clint nor Mary Beth see or hear from her.
Adkins and Dunn withdraw $140 from an ATM in Snyder Monday evening.  Affidavits say the money was used to purchase illegal narcotics.

Tuesday, Dec. 28
Billie calls her son, David, and asks him to tell Hailey to come home
Hailey is reported missing
Wednesday, Dec. 29
Bigcountryhomepage.com reports the story and airs a description of Hailey, saying police are treating it as a missing person.

Thursday, Dec. 30
A description and photo of the missing girl have been entered in the TCIC NCIC Region 5 broadcast system which covers surrounding counties. Also, the information has been put on the CopSync system providing anyone in the state with the CopSync system a picture and information on Dunn.
Bigcountryhomepage.com reports interim police chief John Bivens is treating the case as a runaway.
Searches begin in Colorado City

Friday, Dec. 31
Bloodhounds follow Hailey’s scent through her neighborhood and to the general vicinity of the Western Suites Motel
Friends set up a Facebook page to spread the word
A donor creates a $1,000 reward

Saturday, Jan. 1
Concerned residents looking to get the word out about Hailey’s disappearance turn to the internet and social media.

Sunday, Jan. 2
The reward is increased to $10,000
Hundreds show up for a candlelight vigil

Monday, Jan. 3
Nancy Grace takes Hailey’s disappearance national and interviews Billie Dunn
Grace and guests criticize the initial treatment of the case as a “runaway”
FindHaileyDunn.com is created

Tuesday, Jan. 4
Reward is increased to $25,000 (to be later reduced to $15,000)
The case is changed to a “missing person”

Wednesday, Jan. 5
Billie Dunn, Adkins take polygraph tests.  Both fail, according to Dunn.
Adkins leaves town to stay with relatives
Dunn is interrogated for more than 10 hours
ABC News airs story about disappearance

Thursday, Jan. 6
Texas Rangers search Dunn home and seize evidence
DPS helicopter conducts aerial search
Investigators say the search is intensifying and they’re narrowing leads
Billie Dunn appears again on Nancy Grace, saying she was told Adkins failed the polygraph prior to her test, then failed herself.
Lamar unveils donated missing person billboards
CBS News, Fox News air stories about disappearance

Friday, Jan. 7
Volunteers are asked to gather at 2 p.m. at the Mitchell County Court House to begin a county-wide search
Law enforcement conducts door-to-door interviews in Colorado City
The polygraph administrator says he did not release the results to anyone
DPS interviews Billie Dunn again

Saturday, Jan. 8
Volunteers head out to again search for clues
Law enforcement continues going door-to-door in Colorado City. Primary focus for the day moves to Dunn, Texas
Authorities say they’ve found nothing to lead them to believe foul play is involved in Hailey’s disappearance.
“Find Hailey Dunn” Facebook page reaches 10,000 fans.
Billie and Clint Dunn both submit DNA samples in the event a body needs to be identified.

Sunday, Jan. 9
Authorities say key players in the case are not being forthcoming with the truth
A witness comes forward saying she saw Hailey walking with two girls either December 26th or 27th. Authorities ask those girls to come forward
Hundreds gather in towns across the Big Country to pray for Hailey at vigils.

Monday, Jan. 10
DPS and the Texas Rangers spoke to Colorado Middle School students pleading for anyone who knew anything about Hailey to come forward.  They emphasized to the kids that no one was in trouble.
Investigators interview two students, but haven’t said if they are the ones that were spotted with Hailey.
Nancy Grace dedicates another one-hour broadcast to the Dunn investigation.
Law enforcement says they’re working two investigations in this case: one that Hailey is a missing person and two that she’s the victim of a crime.
Authorities say there’s no evidence Hailey is a runaway or is hiding.

Tuesday, Jan. 11
Investigators plan to follow up on leads from the dozens of tips they’re receiving each day.
The FBI gets involved in the releasing of information to the public.
Officers say they’ll try to do a better job communicating with the family.
Affidavits are released revealing a chilling timeline of events regarding Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins

Wednesday, Jan. 12
Billie Dunn responds to the affidavits saying most of the items are true.  She does have issue with three aspects of the documents.
Adkins refuses to respond to the affidavits
Authorities say they have several “persons of interest.”  They reveal Adkins is among them.
Law enforcement says its continues to follow up on the nearly 250 tips they’ve received.  80 square miles has been searched.
Nancy Grace again features the Dunn case.

Thursday, Jan. 13
An article appears on the main page of CNN.com bringing Hailey’s story to tens of thousands.
Hailey’s paternal grandmother says Hailey was scared of Adkins and theorizes that he killed her

Friday, Jan. 14
Adkins is named a suspect in the investigation.
Dunn’s seized car is returned to her; investigators hold on to a few items from inside the car
Investigators comb through an Abilene landfill looking for clues.

Saturday, Jan. 15
Officials confirm the search at an Abilene landfill did not result in any evidence found.
Shawn Adkins refuses our requests for interview for the fifth straight day.

Monday, Jan. 17
Authorities reveal they need more evidence to arrest Shawn Adkins.
Advocate group KlaasKids announces it will be going to Colorado City to help search for Hailey

Tuesday, Jan. 18
KlaasKids and Laura Recovery Center arrive in Colorado City to help volunteers search for Hailey.
Authorities confirm they are looking into a text message discussed on Monday evening’s broadcast of Nancy Grace that may have been sent from the phone Hailey was using.
KTAB News releases 911 calls in which Billie Dunn says Shawn Adkins has threatened to kill her and Clint Dunn.
A witness tells KRBC’s Jessica Reyes she saw Hailey on the reported morning of her disappearance walking with a young black male, approximately 6-7 years old.
KRBC releases new images of Hailey Dunn, provided by one of her teachers.

Wednesday, Jan. 19
Clint and Billie Dunn meet with volunteers as KlaasKids and Laura Recovery Center help organize search efforts
Sources tell bigcountryhomepage.com CPS is looking into the Dunns. Billie Dunn confirms she voluntarily placed her other child with relatives.
Nancy Grace takes 911 calls, first reported by KTAB, national.
Kampfer says if Hailey is indeed the victim of a crime, the district attorney’s office needs a body for successful prosecution.

Thursday, Jan. 20
Authorities search landfills in Colorado City and Snyder for a second time using cadaver dogs.
A reporter on Nancy Grace reports physical evidence linked to Hailey was found in recent landfill searches. Law enforcement says that’s not true.
Marc Klaas, founder of KlaasKids, urges people to come out Friday and participate in search efforts.
Bigcountryhomepage.com releases a 911 call from February 2010 in which Shawn Adkins calls authorities to report Billie Dunn in suicidal.

Friday, Jan. 21
Authorities say nothing was found in Thursday’s landfill searches.
The community holds a prayer vigil for Hailey at First Baptist Church in Colorado City.

Saturday, Jan. 22
Volunteer searchers take to the sky in an effort to find Hailey.

Sunday, Jan. 23
Authorities say they continue to follow leads, including a handful from out of state.
Law enforcement says the only named suspect in the case, Shawn Adkins, is now traveling between a home in Dunn and Big Spring.

Tuesday, Jan. 25
Colorado Middle School releases surveillance video of Hailey Dunn walking through school hallways about a week before her disappearance.

Wednesday, Jan. 26
The Somer Thompson Foundation provides financial assistance to Billie Dunn while the search for her daughter continues.

Thursday, Jan. 27
The day marks on full month since Hailey vanished from Colorado City.

Friday, Jan. 28
Crews discovered a sock and hair in the Big Spring area during their search.
Volunteers announce they’re scaling back search efforts to find Hailey.

Saturday, Jan. 29
Billie Dunn goes on the record saying there’s another person who need to be looked at by police. Dunn doesn’t name a name.

Monday, Jan. 31
Billie Dunn hosts a news conference to release her own timeline of the events surrounding her daughter’s disappearance.

Friday, Feb. 4
A week of intense snow and extreme temperatures hamper search efforts of volunteers and investigators.

Monday, Feb. 7
The only named suspect in the Hailey Dunn case, Shawn Adkins, breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with KTAB News.

Thursday, Feb. 10
Klaaskids and Laura Recovery Center announce they’ll return to Colorado City to search for Hailey.

Thursday, Feb. 17
Hailey’s father, Clint Dunn, turns himself into police on a handful of misdemeanor charges.

Friday, Feb. 18
Colorado City Police refuse to release cell phone records returning from Verizon related to the Dunn case.

Saturday, Feb. 19
Clint Dunn gets out of jail and joins search efforts for his daughter.

Tuesday, Feb. 22
Law enforcement returns to the Big Spring landfill to search for clues and evidence.

Wednesday, Feb. 23
CBS 7 in Midland reports nothing was found in the Big Spring landfill search.
Billie Dunn says she believes her daughter is the victim of a child abduction.

Friday, Feb. 25
Affidavits reveal pornography was discovered in the home of Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins’ mother. Sheriff Patrick Toombs says the images include child porn and bestiality.
Billie Dunn reacts to the child porn discovery saying she has no knowledge of what it is.
Nancy Grace resumes coverage of the Hailey Dunn case spotlighting the porn discovery.

Sunday, Feb. 27
Clint Dunn is scheduled to speak about his daughter’s case at a rally in Mansfield, Texas. Billie Dunn will no longer be appearing after the child porn revelation.

Monday, Feb. 28
Billie Dunn, the mother of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn, says she will not be able to participate in a previously scheduled live web event with viewers.

Tuesday, Mar. 1
Manpower in Colorado City is being routed away from the Hailey Dunn disappearance investigation to look into the cause of wildfire that destroyed a handful of homes.

Wednesday, Mar. 2
Colorado Middle School starts a scholarship fund in 13-year old Hailey Dunn’s name.

Thursday, Mar. 3
In an interview, Shawn Adkins said he was told that child pornography and bestiality were found on a computer in his mother’s home. He said this came as a shock to him and he’s still trying to deal with it.

Sunday, Mar. 6
Billie Dunn tells the Snyder Daily News she was relieved to hear that the memory stick retrieved from her home did not contain any child pornography.

Saturday, Mar. 12
According to organizers, more than 100 people take part in the search for missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn on Saturday.

Tuesday, Mar. 15
According to Colorado City city manager Pete Kampfer, law enforcement is out looking for Hailey only on a “need-be basis.”

Thursday, Mar. 17
The mother of Hailey Dunn is arrested and charged with three crimes in connection to the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter.

Friday, Mar. 18
Authorities say it’s too early to tell if additional child pornography was discovered in the search of Shawn Adkins’ grandmother’s home in Dunn Thursday evening.
In a statement to Bigcountryhomepage.com’s Andrew Carlson, Billie admitted lying to police about the whereabouts of Shawn Adkins.

Monday, Mar. 21
A search warrant affidavit signed by 132nd District Judge Ernie Armstrong in connection with the search of the home of Shawn Adkins’ grandmother revealed nothing into the disappearance of a missing Colorado City teenager.
Billie Dunn tells KRBC’s Jessica Reyes she has hired an attorney and is no longer able to speak with the media.
Billie Dunn’s attorney, John Young, speaks on behalf of his client saying he isn’t convinced a search warrant was ever issued.

Thursday, Mar. 24
Investigators aren’t planning to do anything differently in the case of Hailey Dunn after the letter fired off by suspect Shawn Adkins’ attorney on Wednesday.

Wednesday, Mar. 23
The attorney of the only named suspect in the disappearance of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn has issued a statement that says law enforcement isn’t interested in cooperation in the case.
New images of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn are released on the official Hope for Hailey Facebook page.

Thursday, Mar. 24
Investigators aren’t planning to do anything differently in the case of Hailey Dunn after the letter fired off by suspect Shawn Adkins’ attorney on Wednesday.

Sunday, Mar. 27
A vigil is held to mark three months since Hailey Dunn went missing

Sunday, Mar. 27
A vigil is held to mark three months since Hailey Dunn went missing

Wednesday, Mar. 30
With the feeling that Hailey Dunn is likely deceased, the Colorado City Police Department has reworded the contingencies for collecting reward money to read, “The reward of $15,000 is now being offered for any info that leads to the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn.”
Volunteer searchers say they refuse to give up hope despite comments from officials that Hailey is likely deceased.
Hailey’s family members express frustration over the announcement made by Colorado City’s City Manager Pete Kampfer.

Sunday, Apr. 2
Volunteers participate in a “Hope for Hailey” car wash to raise funds and awareness for the search efforts.

Wednesday, Apr. 6
The father of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn gets arrested after showing up late to a scheduled court appearance.

Thursday, Apr. 7
After announcing changes to the wording on the reward for information leading to the whereabouts of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn, officials in Colorado City have revamped their reward poster.
Clint Dunn bonds out of the Mitchell County jail and reacts to his arrest on Facebook.

Thursday, Apr. 7
After announcing changes to the wording on the reward for information leading to the whereabouts of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn, officials in Colorado City have revamped their reward poster.

Friday, Apr. 15
Search organizers hope incentives will bring more volunteers out to aid their efforts to find missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn this weekend.

Tuesday, Apr. 26

Clint Dunn’s fiance’s mother says she’s taking legal action after she said slanderous comments were posted about her online.

Monday June 13

Law enforcement officials have ruled out the possibility that Hailey Dunn’s father had anything to do with her disappearance.

Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said both Clint Dunn and his fiance Naomi Stewart took Polygraph tests.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’m a member of a small group. We have monitored this since the beginning and heard every rumor concerning this case. The info given to you by Russel Turner before the first radio show, compiled by him, Erica, Lisa Hale, etc…was somehow “messed up”, tainted by the time it got in your hands. You were right in pursuing the conflict of interest angle regarding the CC Police investigator. But Danny Rivera was never reported to have been seen with Hailey. Somebody got their rumors mixed up and that was “added in” before it got to you.

In the future, I’ll send you some topics/questions, in order of importance, that need resolving immediately. We do not want credit. We work behind the scenes because two of us have received threats since this all began. We have withdrawn from offering too many opinions of this case publicly.

Your biggest problem as I see it, is that you need time to get up to speed on the most basic aspects of this case. Antagonizing and bickering with the people on Facebook is a waste of time. They’re not pissed at you for your “techniques”. They’re pissed because you had two days to prepare for last night’s show and you still don’t know who’s in Hailey’s immediate family. I’m not here to judge. I’ve screamed for someone who’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. Most of these people have “adopted” Hailey as their own, so to speak. This is very personal for them, not simply a STORY.

Russel is a nice enough guy, and Roll Call was a good idea, but he only has about a month head start on you. Regardless, whoever your “sources” are should have helped you prepare better, and warned you about the fervor you would likely experience. There are some 35 Facebook pages dedicated to Hailey Dunn, and countless “private” groups. If you only count the 5 or 6 most popular ones there are well over 12,000 members, and new ones every day.

I don’t have the time or patience to try to explain all the sub-plots and side-shows surrounding this case. The Hope For Hailey split from the Search Center is still a fresh wound, and a lot of locals say Patricia Trichel was at least partly responsible for that. I have no opinion on her at this time. But if you want to alienate your audience, giving Patricia any more air-time right away is a good place to start. The best thing to come out of that was, you got Clint on the phone. You decide on your “guests” though.

This is a weird case, Joey. Think about this…There’s not one piece of physical evidence pointing to an abduction or harm done to Hailey Dunn. Not one drop of blood evidence. No DNA. No hair or fibers. No credible sightings of her after 9:00 pm on December 26th. It’s like the world swallowed her up.

You’re fighting an uphill battle. I think it was Erica that tried to warn you that things are different in West Texas. The good ol’ boy network is in place and it’s thick. You asked for help. If you want to take advantage of this, there’s A LOT more. This stuff was easy…you could have found all of this on your own.

We’re here solely to find out what happened to Hailey Dunn. If you uncover trafficking rings or CP distribution or public corruption, all the better. Take care and good luck.

Tim Burns
San Angelo

At least temporarily, HaileyDunn.org will be filled with links and other information — and be updated with such — on The Ellis County Observer, under the Amber Hagerman section. If you have anything that would be good to use, links or otherwise, please e-mail them here: publisher@elliscountyo.com.


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